Great tourist sites in Midi Pyrénées

Sleeping in our b&b near Albi, you’ll stay among the most beautiful villages in France, surrounded by plains and hills, forests and vineyards.  Discover an heritage full of history. Churches, abbeys, fortified villages or modest little chapels bring you back in time, inviting you to stroll in their medieval back streets, to enjoy the cool shade of their cloistered squares and stroke their powdery pink brickwork.   One of the most famous villages, Cordes sur Ciel, was built by Raymond VII, last count of Toulouse, to welcome the populations struck by the crusade against the Albigensians. A few months later he built Castelnau de Montmiral, to which the English collided during the Hundred Years War. Take time to walk in its alleys, and linger at the church which contains the reliquary cross of the counts of Armagnac. Puycelsi it’s a multi-millennial history with traces of a Roman road, a few “oppida” in the forest named “Grésigne”. In the Middle Age,  this village belonged to the Counts of Toulouse, which fortified it and made it a bastion in order to resist the assaults of the Monfort. In 1229, Paris Treaty of Peace ended the crusade against the Albigenses, Lisle sur Tarn was built to replace Montégut, a Cathar Center. Around Albi   chambre d'hôtes près de Cordes Don’t forget Lisle sur Tarn, a village-harbor: its charm resides in its large covered place, the largest in south-west. Bruniquel: from its rocky spur this village offers a splendid panorama on Aveyron and Vère valleys . Finally, at the gates of the city of Albi, you won’t miss the astonishing tower of Castelnau de Levis. And don’t hesitate to book at the restaurant La Taverne, where Bruno Besson does wonders in the kitchen.